Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Demos, Demos, Demos / NYC pix

As you might've seen we've been demoing songs down in Chad's home studio in D.C.  Cranked out a GREAT version, after multiple revisions, of "Juliet," which sounds truly fantastic.  We did a garagey and grungy version of "White Line Fever" and a space rock version of "Werewolf Party 1979," which sounds, well, spacey!  In any event, looks like we'll set up for acoustic guitars this week and do a bunch more songs, most likely "Heavy Weather" "Laurel Canyon Hangover Blues" and "D'yer Really Wanna Live Forever."  If I get particularly inspired, might even post something later in the week, yos.

For good measure, here's a shot of our esteemed Joe Black at Lucien in the lower east side with LES legend Clayton Patterson, whose numerous books on LES history are absolutely required reading. In fact, he has a several volume set of Jewish oral history of the LES that is in the work, and which will likely be amazing. You can support this project via several links which I'll post. He also made a line of custom embroidered hats, one of which you can see in the picture. Extremely cool, extremely collectible:

Also, a picture of Lucien (the restaurant's namesake, obviously) who runs imho the best culinary experience in NYC.  If you're in New York and you don't go to First Street and First Avenue to Lucien, you're doing yourself a ridiculous disservice.  Wonderful food and atmosphere.  And wine list.

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