Thursday, August 2, 2012

More Tracking

Did some more tracking for the album up at Pedro Aida's place -- Detached Sound -- in "the RVA." Richmond, Virginia, for those uninitiated.  Great studio, fucking way great.  Got some massive acoustic guitar tones and my voice was tweaked perfectly.  At this point, we have about 40 minutes of music looking to squeeze in 4 more minutes, or one more song. I wasn't precisely sure, but vinyl records run only 44 minutes, 22 per side...and this album will most likely only be available on vinyl. Of course, it'll ship with a download card or a CD or something...but you get the idea.  In any event, things are coming together. We have a few shows coming up as well -- 31 August at Velvet Lounge in DC, 15 September at the Canton Square Rock/Ride benefit, and maybe some more stuff as well. Trying not to play out so much so we can focus on this album. Maybe a winter tour? I'd love to do a Richmond to New Orleans swing. Or maybe Austin. I guess we'll see, yo.

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